The sizes that will be made for your ladies are based on the designers measurement chart below.

We will need their bust, waist and hip measurements.
You can measure these with a tape measure, do not pull really tightly and do not leave it loose. Just wrap it around the following areas;
Bust: The fullest part of the bust
Waist: The narrowest part of the waist
Hips: The widest part of the hips

Please note: It is better to go for a bigger size, a seamstress can take the dress down much easier than let it out!

If any of your ladies are taller than 5ft 7″ please let us know because they may need extra length (no additional cost), most dresses will require a hem to the required length once your bridesmaids have their shoes. Hem and bodice alterations can be undertaken in our store for a small charge or with a local seamstress. Dresses can be made to measure exact to your measurements if preferred although we recommend sticking to the size chart.